at sisters burial
Ben Cyco and Wanjiru at sisters burial
Image: Mpasho

It has been two heartbreaking years for Ben Cyco and his family following the death of his sister, Joy Wairuri.

Joy died in 2020 after battling cancer and had made her health struggles public via social media.

To mark this sad day, Ben penned an emotional message to celebrate a life well-lived.


It’s 2 years today since you left us, continue resting my sister I’ll always love and remember you @_fu.raha_, always.

Recently, Ben Cyco and his wife shared about Joy's death on their podcast, JoyRide where they tackled how the grief affected their 11-year relationship.


Wanjiru shared,


"I just saw how her sickness affected you in those two years she was sick. In those two years, I had seen how you were not able to help her and the strain that had on your family. At that time I felt if something like death happened me and you wouldn't survive."

The lovely Wanjiru said that how Ben handled himself after Joy's death shocked her with Ben attributing it to God's grace.

"I thought the grief would crash you and that you would become a shell of yourself. How I thought you would react and how you reacted is very different."

Ben and Wanjiru tied the knot in late 2021.

Other personalities who have succumbed to cancer in the last few years are former safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore, and former Kibra MP Ken Okoth.

Their close friend in common, Osumba wrote a heartwaming message on his social media to commemorate the two.

It read, "These 2 gentlemen shaped my life in such profound ways that I can only capture in a book (which I shall write). Their deaths, both from cancer, in July  2019, was very painful to me and a nation and set me on a new course of self-discovery, pursuit of a path that elevates others no matter how small they are. It has been a difficult year, yet the most fulfilling in my adult life yet. I have a long way to achieve what these gentlemen did in their lives, but I am inspired by the legacy they left. Bob and Ken hope you are filling Heaven with as much laughter as you did us, and trailblazing up there. Keep resting my main men!' 

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