Blac Chyna
American model and socialite Blac Chyna
Image: Instagram

Angela Renee White popularly known by her stage name Blac Chyna is an American model and socialite.

Well she used to be a stripper as well but we will just pretend we forgot about that because she got famous.

Chyna rose to fame when she started dating her ex/ baby daddy internationally acclaimed rapper and performing artist Tyga.

They later broke up and she ended up dating Rob Kardashian as payback for his step sister dating her baby daddy. Drama much, yes! I know.

Her and Rob had a baby girl together but the relationship soon hit the rocks because as Chyna later revealed she was not in there for the love.

Chyna sued the Kardashian family for allegedly interfering with her reality show's future.

In the midst of all this drama, it seems Chyna just made the decision to turn her life to Christ. She posted a video of her getting baptized in a swimming pool with the caption "Born again on my birthday, 5/11/2022 #new beginnings"  

In the said video two men dressed as members of the clergy are seen. One in black standing outside while the other dressed in white is holding Chy in the pool.

The words, "In the name of the son and in the name of the holy ghost," are heard before Chyna is submerged in the pool. And the crowd around her rejoices as she is brought back up.

Fans were both shocked and proud of the mother of one for the bold life decision she had made.


Below are some of their reactions:

nelly_telly_af : may God bless you as you endeavor into a new journey with him

peaceforallmankind: Just go with your real name because your stage name can not follow you into your new life

aamiyahmariee_ : Go to church and stop playing with God because you are going broke

gina751: I wonder if she would have got baptized if she would have won that million dollar lawsuit against the Kardashian's just a thought

cocomonroe9008: Congratulations, my only thing is is it official if it is done at home in ya pool?

jaymoneybenny: The Kardashians got her needing rebirth

simplyshirlyn: We are supposed to believe that she is changed now?

What are your thoughts in regards to all this?

Do you think it is a stunt or is Angela really ready to walk the walk with Christ? And what does this mean for her businesses? 

Guess only time will tell.

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