Oga Obinna and Chito Ndlovu
Kiss FM hosts Oga Obinna and Chito Ndlovu
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Kamene Goro is still a little mia from the airwaves and it seems our boy Obinna ( either out of boredom or loneliness) decided to bring in a sit in replacement for his co-host.

Helping Obinna psych us up was the loud and bubbly Chito.

Chito and Obinna, together unsupervised was most definitely a little recipe for disaster but a fan one for that matter


Chito brought to Obinna's attention a story of a man who was accused of breaching peace in his marriage after he was caught cheating. Which Obinna termed as a hall of pettiness as all the man had done was use the name babe, "that is pettiness of the highest order," Obinna told Chito.

     "Why are you calling someone else's partner babe?" Chito posed the question to Obinna who hilariously responded that babe is a common name.

   "Everybody is called babe, girls call each other babe...hey babe...babe, everywhere and anywhere," Obinna defended his response.


But Chito was not having it," but why is man calling another man's woman babe?" Chito still pressured not having buying into Obinna's defense.

"It was by accident, it was just to nini..." Obinna quipped once again. 

Yeah, today Oga was just the perfect comedian with his responses.

Obinna however, after a while got mad at the guy and did not know how best to defend him anymore, "but huyo boy na yeye pia mbona aliwacha messages kwa Whatsapp? Doesn't he know how to activate vanish mode?" Obinna ranted.

"These days we even have disappearing messages," Chito added amidst laughter. 

" Aahh this one, let him get caught now, you activate vanish mode then now if you are treading on uncharted territories, enemy front lines you tread carefully. You do not leave messages," Obinna added.

Chito finished off the topic by saying that women are faithful, actually 55% were faithful only 45% are cheaters and it is the 45% that messes up the name for the rest of the ladies.

Although Obinna was not having it.

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