singer turned preacher
size 8 is a gospel singer turned preacher
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A video of size 8 praying for Vincent Mboya has gone viral on the interwebs.Mboya is the internet sensation who rose to fame for returning 18K given to him by Jalang'o. 

Before praying for him, Size 8 is seen speaking to Mboya saying that the spirit of God had shown her that his family has for long been bound by the chains of poverty. 

Size 8 then proceeds to prophesy wealth upon Mboya and his family saying that he will be the one to break the chain of poverty in his family line." Mboya it is good you have stopped me to pray for you.

God is showing me that there is a demon of poverty in your family. Isn't it? That is why you are poor. I want to pray for you to break that chain and to chase the demons of poverty away from your life so that you can become rich," she said.

Size 8 then proceeded to praying for Mboya, prophesying prosperity upon his family and asked God to keep him on His side and for him to not forget His deeds.The woman of God then turned to Mboya, "I have prayed for you and from now you will start making money." 

She wished him well and even said she was not interested in taking any money from him as offering. This is not the first time Size 8 is seen praying for people. A while back the mother of two was seen exorcising demons in church in a video that elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans.

In the viral video, Size 8 was ordering the demon out of a man that she says is a fellow pastor.

In the video, the 'Mateke' hit maker singer who had been hosting Revival meetings at CPF House, was seen casting out demons out of a man she claimed was a fellow pastor.

"Loose him now...he is a pastor...angels hold his feet Today, lose him in Jesus name...out in the name of Jesus…." Size 8 uttered. She would then order demons out of a possessed lady.

Afterwards, Size 8 took to her social media Size 8 wrote,

"So many young people gave their lives to Jesus Christ today at dandora primary school wow to God be the glory @pastortmwangi thank you for the invite."