Oga Obinna and Chito Ndlovu
Kiss FM hosts Oga Obinna and Chito Ndlovu
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Our 'bad boys' duo is back at it again. Chito is still Obinna's co-pilot driving the Morning show on Kiss while Kamene is away. Well, today the two men decided to turn to become the fashion police.

This weekend, Ruto announced Rigathi Gachagua as his running mate for the upcoming August general elections and Chito and Obinna have a few concerns.


Not about the choice but in regards to the 'might be' deputy president wardrobe.

"When you look at Rigathi standard top... can we first look at his suit. His standard metallic shinning aluminium suit..." Chito quipped amidst laughter.


Obinna responded that he wants a new job, revamping Rigathi's wardrobe, "mimi nipewe kazi... I want to be dressing the... " Obinna stammered looking for a suitable name to refer to the administrative officer.


" Possible future deputy president,"  Chito helped his co-host finish his statement.

"Nimpige look kwa sababu aki ile suit alivaa ... with the money that he has, hapana," Obinna said.

Obinna added that Rigathi's suit had time travelled from the wrong dimension, "That is a blast from the past, you know people come from the future huyo suit yake did the opposite."

"From 2003, shinning aluminium," Chito added amidst laughter.

"Mimi I saw the pants... there is another picture where the trouser is blending with his body and he looked like a sculpture.

I was like, they are going to announce you? Hii ni look ya aina gani. Hii ni suit gani? Ata yule mtu alikuwa anapiga DP look angesaidai kidogo, ampigelook ya DP," Obinna added clearly disappointed with Rigathi's outfit choice.

Emphasizing the point why the 57-year-old needs a stylist.

The two were not yet done as they went ahead to analyse some of his other looks.

Chito noted how Rigathi looks serious like the kind of person who can deliver,

"When you see Gachagua, I looked at him and he reminded me of someone, a deputy principal in a high school. He looks like he is ready to instil discipline."

However, Obinna did not 100 per cent agree with Chito's remarks .

"Hapana, Chito no he does not look like a deputy principal he looks like a chemistry teacher or agriculture. The discipline part he looks like a no-nonsense teacher but uso... sura ... sura... hizo ni za chemistry, agriculture." Obinna quipped with bouts of laughter.

"Anakaa wale walimu walikuwa wanang'oa but information... akili mingi.... imejaa like he knows all his students and their parents and the schools their parents went to and their scores." Obinna finished off as the duo broke into laughter.

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