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Just a day ago, Balenciaga released a whole lineup of sneakers that will represent the brand till its next product release.

Since then, the shoes have caused a huge debate between fashion enthusiasts and normal everyday sneaker fans.

According to the enthusiasts, the shoe represents the art of creativity but for sneaker fans, it is a worn-out shoe for sale.


From the photos released by Balenciaga, the sneakers appear worn out, dirty, and unwearable.

On Thursday’s Morning Kiss, Obinna questioned the fashion industry as he hilariously criticised the look of the shoe and referred to it as taka taka (Trash).

He stated, “There are a bunch of sneakers which are called destroyed sneakers which is retailing at about $1850 and if you look at this shoes, ok mtu alienda akaokota hio kitu kwa taka taka imeraruka, akaweka pale. What is happening, are we ok? And as human beings is this where we have gotten to, I was looking at this and I was like which type of nonsense is this?


Obinna even criticised his fellow comedian, Eric Omondi, who went ahead and bought the shoe hours after it dropped.

Now Eric has gone ametoa ingine hapa akaenda kuchafua, ok amechukua moja yake kwa closet enye hajaosha for the last year, akapiga nayo looku akakuja pale akaaply pressure and was just like really, even if it is fashion surely have we gotten this bad?

The host even re-tracked back to when the Yeezy fashion company released the odd-looking tattered flip flops, the crocs, and now the Yeezy boot but he continued to say that Balenciaga has taken things too far now.

"Now you will hear that a company has invented barefeet, where you will be forced to buy a pen and write Gucci on the side of the leg and walk barefeer)!” Obinna hilariously said.

Check out the conversation below:

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