Nemi Nganga
Plus size model and fashion designer Nemi Nganga
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Plus-size model, designer, and actress, Neomi Nganga, has once again come out to vocally condemn people who feel the need to troll women because of their weight.

In a recent conversation with her best friend Catherine Kamau, popularly known by her stage name, Kate Actress, Neomi stressed that people should understand that not all women add weight just by eating a lot and that perception is sheer ignorance.

Neomi stressed that women do go through different things in life from stress to medication that could lead to them adding weight and sometimes it does come in excess.


"There are people who gain weight from fertility drugs, depression from life, birth control drugs, or suffer from PCOS so when you come insulting a lady that she is fat without thinking what they have been through is crazy, " Neomi insisted. 

Her best friend and fellow actress, Kate agreed with Neomi's sentiments also adding that she has learnt to love her new body by learning how to dress according to her body type.

"When you are a woman of childbearing age, or married and looking forward to having kids you need to understand that our bodies change all the time, the way your body was at 16 or 21 is not the same way it will be now. Right now I know I am not at my best but I dress appropriately to feel sexy as I work towards my body," Kate said.


Neomi added that as a designer she interacts with women with low self-esteem, who have not accepted themselves.

She said she tries to walk the path with them and help out as best as she possibly can.

" What I promote so much is confidence.... when you come to my shop I try to teach you to accept yourself. You used to be a size 8 now you are a 14 and that is okay...Someone comes and I can clearly see we are the same size but in their minds, they know they are skinny so we end up arguing about fittings and designs," Neomi said.

She finished off by encouraging women in as much as they do not dress for other people to learn to dress their bodies appropriately and in a way that flatters them so as to avoid, 'Setting yourself up for the hate.' 


Neomi Nganga is a plus-size model and fashion designer who has made it big in the entertainment industry from radio to acting and commercial modelling.

She serves as an inspiration to many plus-size ladies as on top of everything she is also a body positivism coach.

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