Amber Ray
Socialite and musician Amber Ray
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 Amber Ray's Sierra Leonean basketballer ex boyfriend Kabba is back at it again.

By at it, I mean taking shots and throwing shade at his ex girlfriend, entrepreneur cum musician Amber Ray.


Using American artist, Lil Baby's song ' Rich Off Pain', Kabba captioned wrote on his Instagram story, "Lie lie lie everywhere, lol, lol. Cloutiana, would say any rubbish to be relevant. Always sounding hungry, oma she ooo Thank God  I dodged that bullet." 


He captioned the post, " most of you date for survival, not to love lol."

This comes barely a month after the basket ball player had hinted that Amber had tried putting him under a spell.

It seems like Amber really did a number on him, mans was all in love and the breakup does not seem to be sitting well with him and the constant jabs are an indication.


Kabba hinted on his insta stories that Amber had actually put juju on him but thankfully it didn't stay on him for long.


"I'm a free man like Mandela. The juju didn't stay long on me thanks God for helping me." The Sierra Leonean wrote.

In his post, he went on to swear how he would never to go to Kambaland;

"I wonder why a lot of people out there think that is only men that use women, women are very very dangerous. Right now Kambaland is the place I will never want to visit in my life there is something about that place that is not right."

Amber has not come out to directly address the allegations or try and defend her name by giving her side of the story.

She has however on numerous occasions maintained that her flashy and extravagant lifestyle is not funded by wababa.

In a recent interview, Amber maintained that she does not bother much because people already have a negative perspective when it comes to her.

" people already have a negative perspective about me...for you to change that mentality it'll take you a lot of time and I don't have that time," Amber said.

When pushed to give more details about her lifestyle, Amber laughed saying;

 "Look at my lifestyle.... how many men do I need to fund me?."

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