Kameme Goro
KIss fm host Kameme Goro
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

CEO of Babes/ babygirl lifestyle Kamene Goro took to our airwaves today to share a few dollops of wisdom with her babe listeners.

The Kiss 100 host spoke about a saddening story that she had come across that inspired her radio segment of the day.

Kamene said, "On Friday I was going through one of these gossip pages, and there is a chic who had sent a DM to the page and she was talking about how she is at her absolute end.


She is extremely frustrated, she has been battling depression for like two years now and was wondering if there is something wrong with her because she can not maintain a relationship, she has been unable to maintain a relationship."

Kamene went on to talk about how the said  24-year-old had tried to be in several relationships and how the issue resonated with her past younger self.

" It was a very sad story, it gripped me at some point because I remembered at the age of 20/ 21 years I was probably thinking the same way. My priorities were all the way warped, I found myself replying to the gossip page something that I never ever do," Kamene said.


She went on to add that she replied with her official page and let the girl and other readers know there is so much more to life.

" Our 20's are the most forgiving 10 years of our lives. Where you can experience, explore, find yourself and grow, baby girl relax, love is not that important. If you do not look for it then the right kind will find you." 

She went on to insist that when you are constantly looking/searching then you will take anything that comes your way without clarity.

"It is like when someone is really hungry, and all they need to do is eat then they'll eat absolutely anything. And that is the position you find yourself in... a whole lot of trash love and you find yourself missing out on other incredible aspects of life."

Fans online shared their views in the comment section thanking Kamene for the words of wisdom.

Below are a few: 

raychelle556: Love is not everything you want🔥🔥🔥🔥

official_bennar: Kamene gud words😂😂😂😂😂


o.vivian2021: Aki leo naye umenisaidia am in the same situation but umenifunza poa sana asante (today you have really helped me, you have taught me well. Thank you very much)

lopermi: Kamene I love you for this talks bana👏

nthoki_the_banter: Well said Kamene. Our young girls need to hear this advice over and over again then they can believe in themselves and fly as high as they can go, pursue careers and better life invest in the future not get heartbroken today! Awesome😍

jenny.4329 : Wow well said👏👏

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