Kameme Goro
KIss fm host Kameme Goro
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Following a recent discussion that the Over25 channel had, Kamene revealed that it had turned into a heated debate that actually made her change her script for today's 'Babe' segment. 

"So... interestingly enough I had planned another Babe but in the course of this morning there was a very heated discussion in a particular Whatsapp group that I am in....  and I am just like wait, what? Are we serious right now?"



"So anyway it is about a YouTube show that was done by Over25 channel and they had Miss Mandi and they were talking you know if they love to cook and what not..." the radio host narrated.


She went on to add that it can happen that some love to cook while others do not, as we are human and we have preferences.

The entire conversation following that video spiraled to women who can't cook being absolutely useless and she couldn't wrap her head around the craziness.

Kamene went ahead to advise the females not to be bothered by society's notions and to educate men.

"Baby girl, first and foremost your self-worth has nothing to do with what you can bring to a man's life. It is absolutely and purely about what you can do for yourself. That is why it is called worth, that is why it is called value.


Kila mtu anabeba value na worth yake, and there is no way your worth can be about someone else."

Kamene went on to talk about how she sees so many babes struggling, trying to fit into the stereotype of, now I need to learn how to cook chapati's and what not.... and it is infuriating.

" Baby girl you don't have to learn to do anything! Even with your lack of knowledge on how to cook chapati's or ugali, there is someone who will love what you have to offer," Kamene advised. 

"We are not bringing things to the table nowadays, baby girl the year is 2022 we are building our own tables and inviting only people who are deserving," she finished off.

Addressing the male gender, Kamene urged them to stop with the madness of constantly asking girls what they are bringing to the table?

"Listen here kaka brazza, I am not coming to sit at your table. This here is my marble counter-top table and if you want to sit with us feel free, if it does not suit your needs go find another table. Babe, all you have to be is you, the best version of you."

Kamene finished off by noting that men have been eating even before having spouses so using that criteria to judge a lady is actually dumb.

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