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Kamene and Obinna at the studio
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Apparently, even public figures in our country are not immune to acts of racial discrimination.

On the Kiss 100 airwaves Radio babe, Kamene Goro, narrated to her co-host Obinna an experience she recently had that left her speechless.

Kamene narrated how she recently went to dine at a restaurant that is known for its bad service but because of the trying times, the ever-rude staff was now treating non "exotic" or foreign customers with respect.


"So anyways.... the service is really terrible, I keep on telling you it is one of the most discriminatory restaurants I have ever been to. But this time, probably because of the season... you know the hospitality industry has off peak and peak seasons things were different," Kamene said.


"Unaingia unapata kuna waiter na wewe tu,"( It's just the waiting staff and you) Obinna quipped in response to how seasonal it gets.

Kamene went on with her narration of how interesting the experience was, "So I get to the place and first things first, the watchman did not stop me and I was shocked."


"They did not search you?" An equally shocked Obinna asked.

Kamene confirmed that she walked through security without issues as she continued with her story.

" And then you are supposed to buy a voucher but they did not want and I was like haiya you don't want? Then I get to the actual restaurant, there is a hostess at the entrance who usually guides you on where to seat and where not to. But there was no hostess.

First of all, I am very afraid because I am like this is very different, you guys are not like this. I am used to being hated on... I'm used to you people stressing me," Kamene said.

She went on to describe how she was skeptical about seating just anywhere " I go find a table that I like but I'm actually scared of seating because I'm like someone will shoot me if I seat here... so I'm there like excuse can I seat here? Imagine asking can I seat here at a restaurant?"

She also pointed out that the waiter who came to assist her at that moment, the last time she was there was so so evil too yet this time around he was smiling and being all cordial.

That is when she came to the conclusion that poverty can really humble some people, "So now that you guys do not have money, have no visitors now I'm important?"

Obinna went on to let his co-host know that it has always been like that, "But you know it is always like that, money comes with pride. You have never noticed even you when you are loaded nothing bothers/ frightens you?"

Kamene went on to add that she actually had to ask the waiter what was up, "I was like, Brian seriously you are smiling at me? Last time you wanted to throw the plate at me..."

She went on to share discoveries she had made  through the experience, "Anyway, two things money or lack of it can really humble people, number two and I saw all of it this weekend...the hospitality industry in this country is very wanting."

"Also if you are working in the hospitality industry and you do not want to have a pleasant smiley face then join KDF," Obinna finished off.

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