Mungai Eve posing
Image: Instagram

Kenyan Youtuber, Mungai Eve, had an altercation with a some netizens after she posted a photo of her and Diamond's Ugandan baby mama Zari Hassan.

Eve posted the photo with the caption, "It was a successful day as @zarithebosslady got to unveil one of the mansion...' 

To which a netizen left a comment suggesting that Kenyans love begging for attention a lot. The individual identified by his Instagram handle as @_slimmy_dee wrote: " Kenyans kujipendekeza @mungai_eve" 


To which the YouTuber replied that she was working and that the individual was jealous as if the jealousy can pay bills, " Mimi niko job am securing the bag wewe wivu ikulipie bills." 

Shortly after she had a QnA on her Instastories asking netizens what they would like to know from Zari and an unidentified individual brought up the subject of tailing celebrities.

They wrote, "But it is true unapenda kujipendekeza kwa macelebs it is not all about wivu."


And Eve was completely irked by the remark and responded to it in her stories stating that she makes money and the netizen was suffering, which is why they were hating.

Her response read, "Women hating on other women it's so sad hey dear take your saltiness elsewhere. We are paid well to cover events ,we are here to secure the bag wewe endelea kuona kujipendekeza ukiteseka kwa bedsitter yako! (continue thinking I'm fan-girling/ begging for attention as you suffer in your bedsitter)."

It baffles me why most "celebrities' and media personalities in our country assume that everyone saying something negative or attacking them is suffering.

The funniest thing is how where someone lives whether a bedsitter or one bedroom is always the highest form of insult.

It would be so funny if the Instagram user who had actually revealed they'd sent the question ended up showcasing that they were financially stable and probably living in a posh house.

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