Cyd and Chito
Kiss Fm presenters Cyd and Chito
Image: Kiss FM

Cyd Wambui had her co-host and listeners dying of laughter as she narrated Nairobi thieves' latest crazy antics.

"The evolution of theft over the years..." Chito said clearly fascinated by the story.

"The thieving profession for the longest has been ... have been those ones you know those ones that require guts. You need guts to be a thief sindio... sasa times have changed, there is technology things are different. Like how people are stealing is a bit different," Cyd said before going right ahead to narrate a story she'd come across of the latest tactic being used.  


"Case in point... A babe was narrating how she was seated in a matatu and a fine young man looking dapper, dressing well boarded the mat and came and sat next to her.

Some minutes later she smells something in the air that smells foul. The more it sat the worse it smelled. It was so bad like a combination of bad boiled eggs and greens so she had to open the window," Cyd narrated dying of laughter as she tried telling the tale. 

She went on to add that the stinky fart bomb was a ruse, "Turns out there was someone right out there in the window waiting, they snatched her bag and ran away.


In the commotion and confusion, the young man alighted from the matatu," Cyd finished off the story amidst bouts of laughter. 

"Kumbe this is how these people are stealing in Nairobi these days!" Chito said and the two burst into laughter trying to visualize how crazy it is for someone to fart in a matatu as a way of causing a distraction.

Nairobi thieves have changed tactics and boy oh boy are they getting boldly creative with their ways.

"A combination of farts and theft.... suffocate them. You either suffocate or be stolen from. This is like a thousand ways to survive this Kenya," Chito said still in shock and amused by the occurrence. 

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