Kamene and Obinna
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Over the past few days, Kenyans have been constantly complaining of theft both in a physical way and in an electronic way.

The physical way applies to the normal old school burglary where an individual approaches the target in pursuit to acquire personal belongings through death threats and physical attacks.

However, throughout last week, a number of mobile users have identified a new form of scamming where parasites get to replace your sim card without its original user knowing, and from that, they can get to acquire all your information including bank passcodes and details.


On The Morning Kiss Show, Kamene and Obinna revised the topic as they urged Kiss listeners to stay on the watch to avoid getting scammed.

So there has been a situation that has been going around for I think one week; it is called sim swap where your phone is deactivated somehow another person gets another sim that is similar to yours and they use it to withdraw money from your accounts and they also request for loans.” Obinna started.

To further explain, Obinna added that a number pf people have called complaining to their service providers of calls from agencies demanding due loan payments whereas they didn’t apply for one.


He continued to say, “People have been running back to where they got their sim cards, and to their surprise, they are informed that their sim cards have been replaced, now they have to put the fake one-off and now this one on so that you are able to enjoy full access to your contacts and private information.

Such a scary story forced Kamene to take a trip down memory lane where she recalled a time she was conned when searching for a space to move into.

My story isn’t even for mobile phones, remember when we were looking for houses and talking about fake agents and I really remember one who was insisting for me to pay the house deposit in a hurry claiming that other people have spotted the same house and they are also looking to pay.” Narrated Kamene.

 Check out the video below:

In conclusion, such cheeky behaviors are expected in huge towns however such claims are a call to action to both the police and the public in pursuit to create awareness and cub theft crime in Kenya.

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