Bahati and Diana Marua posing
Image: Instagram

Diana B is clearly not having it with netizens who think they have a say in her life and how she conducts her living. 

Diana took to Instagram to share a video of Bahati's baby mama Yvette Obura, bonding with Diana's daughter Heaven Bahati .

In the video, Heaven is seen seating on Yvette's lap playing with a phone when her when her mom calls her letting her know that Yvette wants to leave. 


Diana is heard saying, " Wendo, mama Mueni wants to go... " to which her daughter dramatically says no as doesn't want Yvette to leave. Diana asked her kid why she did not want Yvette to leave to which the young one replied, "Mueni is her sister and me I am her baby."  


Diana captioned the cute video, "Just like that.... @HeavenBahati has found another Mummy. She Says Mama Mueni is her Mummy and whomst I'm I to say a word? Thank you @yvette_obura for visiting us... We Love you."

The video has elicited a whole lot of reactions with netizens both swooning over the bond between Diana, her kids, and Bahati's baby mama and his firstborn daughter Mueni while others termed the relationship as a big catastrophe waiting to happen.


One of the netizens who seemed to disagree with Diana being too close with her husband's ex is an Instagram user identified as @Elizabeth123033.


Elizabeth warned Diana from being too open to Bahati's baby mama, she wrote, " Diana I repeat ... you will regret it. It is just a matter of time, her second-born will be Bahati's kid once again."

Responding to the post, Diana asked the netizen to learn to mind her business before lightly adding that children after all are a blessing.


"Fagia kwako. Watoto ni Baraka Ama? (Sweep your house. Aren't kids a blessing?)" Diana responded to the comment.

The two ladies have been on good terms after finally ironing out their issues.

According to a recent video on Diana's YouTube channel, Yvette revealed it had taken her four years to get over her anger with her baby daddy, artist Bahati, and finally forgive him and Diana Marua.

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