Kamene and Obinna
Kiss FM presenters Kamene and Obinna
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Following Betty Kyallo's revelation in a recent interview that she would not dump a man for cheating, Oga Obinna and Kamene Goro shared their two cents.

"There was a story on Word Is on how Betty Kyallo said she would not dump a man for cheating. She said it is not even about that, there are much bigger things that she has to worry about," Kamene stated, 

"Things that are more important to her. She said things like dishonesty are things she can not tolerate, a man not having time for her,  these are bigger concerns in a relationship than cheating," Kamene finished off.


Following the story, Kamene vehemently declared that she would dump a man in a heartbeat. Very fast, like it is over, we are done. 

But a confused Obinna was still processing what his co-host had just read out to him.

He finally voiced what we were all thinking, " Wait, wait, slow down, you are going too fast. She said she would forgive someone for cheating but does not tolerate dishonesty? What is cheating?" Obinna asked clearly confused by Betty Kyallo's thinking process. 

"You know those to small silly lies like someone who keeps on saying that their car is at the mechanic but they actually don't own one," Kamene said.

Obinna surprised us when he revealed that he would actually forgive cheating.

He calmly disclosed, " It depends on how I feel about you, if I am in love with you I'm not letting you go. We will work things out. I will work through things." 

Below are netizens remarks in regards to the story: 

@game_changers254: anasema hivyo juu ata revenge pia. Betty ni stima, kwani hamna copy? (she is saying so because she will most definitely revenge, Betty is a hot wire don't you all know?)


@meshack7849: Amekua hardened na relationships, but the fact is betray is not something you can assume like it never happened unless you are an expert in doing the same.

@knightrunner35: Chocha za mkamba aki (honestly, lies from a Kamba)

@ritah.k.kamau: Is cheating not dishonesty?


@stlkaste: Nijipate in such stupid love! I will slap myself to death! Kwani who do you think you are??? Nkt this topic is getting my blood boiling.

@elaunaj: Anajua yeye ndio mwalimu hiyo sector ( she knows she is the teacher when it comes to that sector)

@tanekej; Once a cheater, always a cheater, I'm out one hundred percent

@stlkaste: Me too first, quick, in a hurry! I can not forgive you for cheating on me. Wee enda tu you date huyo unacheat naye. You have my blessings bro! I take me so seriously alaa.

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