Content creator Thee Pluto and his girlfriend Felicity celebrated their one-year anniversary and while Pluto penned a cute message to his girlfriend he announced that they had met during the annual safari rally last year.

The announcement caught Kenyans by surprise as well, we all know Naivasha during such events is credited for breaking up relationships not bringing people together.

Pluto in his message wrote: "I knew you through safari rally event last year. A lot has happened since then. Sometimes I wonder how you put up with me, but then I remember that I put up with you too, so that makes us even. I love you! Happy Anniversary! @felicity_shiru "


Felicity while celebrating their anniversary also posted a picture of her and her boo captioning it, " Today, tomorrow, always Happy anniversary to us!!❤️"


Netizens seemed to go crazy over the caption considering that the safari rally event is currently ongoing in Naivasha and let us be honest it does kinda have a bad reputation.


While congratulating the two love birds fans took the moment to poke fun of how the two met.


Below are a few comments:

Kabby._: Haiya so siri ni rally

maina: On my way to Naivasha


Kikuyu.og_: Uoongooo uoooongoooo iooo ni uongoooo akunaaaa😂😂😂uongo buana

ballertheestud: Kumbe kuenda hizii rally zinaeza pea mtu True love, vasha

Kenyan.portrat: It all started in vasha😂😂and now you know...😂🙌

 its_artis: Kwani mko soko side gani

i_am_hailey: Pia mimi naona nkienda hii rally

localboy_stanoicon: Wee kama ni cha kujuana na Safari Rally leo niko Naivasha pia

Flevia Feizan: Tunaminus izo 2 months mliachana so bado mtulie mtacelebrate badae 😂😂😂😂,anyway Happy Anniversary lovely couples❤

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