Willy Paul is flexing in borrowed clothes - Ringtone

Ringtone posted a collage photo with claims that Willy Paul was wearing his clothes

accused Willy Paul of flexing in borrowed clothes
Ringtone accused Willy Paul of flexing in borrowed clothes
Image: Kiss 100

When you thought you had seen it all, then boom! enters former gospel artist Ringtone Apoke accusing one of the most stylish hitmakers Willy Paul of apparently flexing in borrowed clothes

I have not laughed this hard in ages.

Ringtone woke up and he was like huh, looks like a good day for some violence, after all, he has been low-key for a while now.

The 28-year-old posted a collage photo of the 'Kamati ya Roho Chafu' hit-maker next to him with both wearing the same mustard knit sweater. Ringtone went ahead to allege that Pozze had borrowed him the sweater a when they met in CBD with claims that he was feeling cold.

Ringtone said he was disappointed to see Pozze flexing with his sweater- demanding to have it back.

"Dearest brother Willy Paul, you borrowed my sweater because you were feeling cold when we met in town (Nairobi CBD). I am now in shock to see you wear my sweater and post. Shame on you." part of his post read.

He went on to add that if Pozze wants to flex and appear stylish then he should learn how to buy good things for himself. "And please returned my sweater and learn to buy good things for your own. I am giving you 2 days to return the top or otherwise I will release a video of you picking it from my car."

Willy Paul has not issued any statement in regards to the accusations but Kenyans were quick to give their two cents.

Below are a few reactions from Kenyans;

ca_ssandra105: chairman mwambie atoke kwa jua sweater yetu isi fade🤣🤣

kotticyrus; is Willy Paul  borrowed sweater from you or he stole it

abidja_martins; 😂aah lakini wewe apoko hii sasa si ni clout..title ya ngoma ni gani?

 mr_vybez_ke; Badala ya kupost hii kizungu fake c ungepost Bible verse bro. ....achia wasanii wa secular ego😂

noni nash: 😂😂 enough internet for today

bogiskilz Just got a headache reading that post 😂

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