have bought another Mansion
Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi have bought another Mansion
Image: Instagram

Atlanta-based Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee and her fiancé Rotimi have acquired a mansion in the US on a mission to secure their future.

In a post, Mdee mentioned that the new mansion was built from scratch, and it's now ready to be rented out.

“This investment life is great ✨ GOD WE GIVE YOU THE GLORY ✨ Another one of our homes, built from the ground up, furnished and ready to make money 💰,” Vanessa Mdee shared.

In a short video, the singer shared a sneak peek of their new house- putting it's interior on display while appealing to those in need to rent it out.

This is the third mansion that Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi have acquired in months.

In June, Vanessa and the power the actor bought their second Mansion. In an update, the lovebirds explained that they are happy to expand their empire through the acquisition of properties.

The two also shared a little exciting dance to crown the occasion after buying their second house.

“The dance you do when you buy another house 🏠 🏠🏠💰💰💰.

“Let your money 💰make money for you #Newhomealert #InvestInvest from the ground up,” wrote captioned his dance video while in front of their new mansion.

This was the second home the couple acquired together, four months after buying another six-bedroom mansion in Florida, United States.

In February, while in an interview with Tanzania’s award-winning journalist Lil Ommy, Ms. Mdee disclosed that Rotimi gifted her the new mansion as this year’s Valentine’s Day gift.

The house is worth $500, 000 (Sh56, 850, 000), and is located next to Disney World.

How did you two celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day? asked Lil Ommy.

Vanessa replied with an affirmation that their Valentine’s Day was awesome, as she got the biggest surprise ever, - a house.

“Valentine’s day was amazing, but we don’t really celebrate Valentine's because we love people every day. But this year was a bigger Valentine for me because he bought me a brand new house. It’s a brand new house in Florida, with 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and an exclusive area, and it costs half a million dollars $500, 00. And it’s under my name, so I’m the rightful house owner in the US,” said Vanessa Mdee.

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