Chiki Kuruka addresses online pressure to get a child

Chiki says the same pressure people use on the female gender should be used on the male gender

Chiki says men should also have the same measure of pressure women get for not giving birth
Bien and his wife Chiki Chiki says men should also have the same measure of pressure women get for not giving birth
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Dance enthusiast and gym instructor Chiki Kuruka, speaking to Mpasho, noted that she is fed up with the unnecessary pressure that people place on the female species, on when they will give birth, and yet none on their spouse.

"I hate the gender difference; I can't post a picture on social media without someone saying when are you giving birth? I am yet to see that on Bien's page." She expressed.

"We need to be careful about putting undue pressure on women to have children. 

First and foremost, you don't know what someone's biological state is, so many women are unable to give birth, and that's such a trigger.

If you happen to be one of those women who can't give birth and people happen to be constantly on your feed asking, when are you giving birth? when are you giving birth?" Chiki noted as she placed emphasis on people needing to be more careful on how they throw the 'when are you giving birth' out there.

The former slim possible trainer, being a dance enthusiast, noted dance is not just something she enjoys; it's more of psychological activity.

"People dance for different reasons; some dance for technique, some to exercise, some to perform, and some to showcase. For me, it's so psychological; it's freedom, it's getting into a space where you lay off all your emotions, and by the time you finish, you never feel worse off." 

Chiki added that the dance industry is still growing with platforms such as TikTok giving dance wings, but as for talent, Kenya has a mass of it.

"Kenya has phenomenal dancers, there is so much talent, but in terms of the industry, which is the business side of dance, it's still growing.

For very long-time dancers have been treated like things behind musicians

It's only now that with the growth of TikTok that dancers are kind of making proper money out of dance."

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