Photo: Sandra Mbuvi flaunts their golden toilet

Sandra Mbuvi took to her TikTok to show off their mansion and dad's golden washroom

Sandra Mbuvi flaunts their golden toilet
Sandra Mbuvi Sandra Mbuvi flaunts their golden toilet
Image: Instagram

Mike Sonko's daughter Sandra Mbuvi cannot seem to keep off the headlines these past few days.

She's back to her subtle bragging ways just days after attacking netizens online for what she termed as " thinking rich people have no feelings."

The Instagram influencer took to her Tiktok to show off one of the things she thought was pretty cool at their Mua Hills sprawling mansion located in Machakos County

In the video, Sandra starts by showing off the landscape and architecture of their mansion while standing on the lawn garden before walking up to her destination to show off the big reveal.

Revealing their golden washroom Sandra used the popular TikTok audio that goes, “Everybody has that one thing in their house that everybody thinks is so cool. It could be a hidden cabinet, little movie room, a gadget but ours is this…”

As her camera pans to the outdoor washroom that has a fully gold coated toilet with a black Versace toilet cover and the walls are covered in gold-plated tiled walls and a huge marble white and golden sink, a medium-sized mirror, and golden knobs.

This comes just a few days after Sandra took to Instagram to show off their fleet of luxury cars. Sandra's dad, former Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has always been known for his love of luxury and more specifically gold.

He has severally been spotted in gold jewelry and designer outfits. He spent a whooping Sh 4.3 million on a Versace pendant and chain he’d purchased in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates back in 2019.

He also has gold-coated lion sculptures installed at his VIP nightclub, Sonko as well as several toilets in the same color. I wonder what Sandra will shock us with next.

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