The amount sperm donors are paid in Kenya

For the surrogate mothers, they are paid/compensated a minimum of Khs. 500,000.

The amount sperm donors are paid in Kenya
IVF The amount sperm donors are paid in Kenya
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You would expect sperm donation to be handsomely compensated only to find out it's a refund for transport money used to and from the facility. Yes.

Like you would get soda and biscuits at the end of a blood donation process, it's a similar return for the sperm donors, as they will only get compensation for their transport and probably lunch.

Dr. King'ori, in his recent In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) documentary, made sure we were just 'wuehing' and getting the In-depth gist of the IVF procedure.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a medical procedure where an egg is fertilized by sperm in a test tube or elsewhere outside the body.

The IVF process has to take place in 5 days.

Masturbation is the process used to get the sperm, while the egg will only last a 10-minute procedure.

Most men find it hard to choose a sperm donor to help sire their child. In most cases, they will withdraw from the selection process, leaving their partner to be the evaluator.

Booklets containing the donor's information, that is, photos, educational background, and health status, are readily available.

With the information, the couple now has an array of choices. Based on previous research, couples will go for tribe similarities, looks or features, and education.

To be a surrogate mother, one has to be 25 years and above, have a living child who is three years and above, have a criminal clearance certificate, and be medically cleared.

For the surrogacy program, the woman must have an underlying issue, causing her not to carry the child. For the surrogate mothers, they get compensated a minimum of Khs. 500,000.

They also get monthly Khs. 30,000 upkeep allowance, lasting nine months of pregnancy and one month of recovery.

From the documentary, 50% of the infertility cases are courtesy of the man, 30% the woman, and 20% are a mystery as to why the two can't get a child.

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