mourns his biggest fan
Abel Mutua mourns his biggest fan
Image: Instagram

Prolific scriptwriter Abel Mutua is mourning the demise of one of his biggest fans who committed suicide after reaching out to him.

In an update, Mutua said that Polycarp Amyunzu, took his own life after complaining to him how difficult life was.

“Our fears have been confirmed. Polycarp is no more. We really tried our best. I guess our best wasn’t enough. Rest well Bruh,” read the death announcement from Mutua.

In a video, shared on his YouTube, Mutua narrated how a distressful Polycarp tried to reach him on the phone when he was in a meeting.

On calling back after 6 missed calls, Polycarp informed him and his wife Judy Naywira that he had decided to end his life.

The filmmaker tried his best to convince the young man not to walk that direction but it was a little bit too late – he had made up his mind.

"We couldn't pick up the phone because at the time we were in meetings all day. but we intended to call back after the meeting knowing it could be a customer," Mutua said. 

Adding that; "I don't think this world is for me anymore...if you heard his tone of voice he sounded very distressed,".

The caller also revealed that he had a pregnant wife at home and was unable to provide for his family.

'Alifeel useless kwa hii life and also his parents home things are not good. He felt like his da was piling pressure on him that he couldn't handle he didn't feel the need to continue with life,"

Sadly, Polycarp called later in the day, to confirm that he was taking his own life. Immediately, his went off.

Abel remained hopeful that Polycarp would change his mind but he remained mteja through out.

Counselors, medics, and psychologists advise that you can always reach out for help when experiencing any mental health issues. Call Kenya Red Cross toll-free hotline, 1199 for support.