James Orengo with his family

Governor James Orengo and his wife Betty Kaari Murungi are overjoyed after their daughter married her partner in a secret ceremony.

A photo seen by this writer shows Orengo and his wife walking their daughter down the aisle ready to hand her over to her lover.

Lavender Orengo wedded her fiancé only identified as Albert. 

Traditionally, fathers walk daughters down the aisle. Once the pair reach the altar, she's then presented to her partner to be wed.

Orengo and his wife Betty have 7 children together – three boys and four girls (Michael, Bob, Steven, Zeni, Josephine, Lavender and Lynette Orengo).

Betty Kaari is a professional lawyer and human rights defender and sister to Kiraitu Murungi.

daughter weds in private affair
James Orengo's daughter weds in private affair daughter weds in private affair
Image: Mpasho

She has practiced law on a national and international level, as well as managing a number of non-governmental organizations.

Orengo is among the politicians who keep their families away from the public eye. Little is known about his family but on several occasions, he has celebrated his kids when making major milestones in life.

On July 3, 2020, Orengo celebrated his son Bob Orengo, who was admitted to the bar.

On the other hand, Michael Orengo is a graduate of the University of Manchester where he graduated with a degree in architecture.

He works as a design architect.