Video: Desperate single ladies attend church in wedding gowns

The church is helping the single girls attract single men

single women in church
single women in church

Single women are increasingly finding innovative ways to find men to marry.

Such efforts have been noted in a Tik Tok video in Nigeria by user Sistur_madin.

In the video, a group of women wearing weddings gowns are seen in a praise and worship moment.

They wave around bouquets of roses in their white gowns while dancing.


Sistur_madin captioned the video of praise and worship "Single sisters praying with their wedding gown God abeg. Have we gotten to this stage? Because of Adam?"

Netizens have expressed their sadness at the pressure single women are facing to settle down.

Some of the reactions are below;

HER EXCELLENCYIt's the pressure the church puts on single sisters for me


Thabo NdhlovuTrue, the church will definitely make you feel like being single is a curse.


Wigs by Eve South Africa😂 I blame society for making us feel like there’s something wrong if we are not married

a fictional characterNext week Wednesday the service for married women with no children. Dress code is maternity gown 😬

HajjiahI'm so embarrassed for all involved 🙁

chubiyojoebilomaNo pressure can make me do this. I want a family of my own but hell no

deracomplex😂😂 the pressure is getting werrrserrrrr!

nenefrances321But why didn’t they tell the single men to put on suit and dance too🥺🥺🥺 this is just too much abeg

MudauHow about they encourage them to pray but also prioritize counselling in preparation for marriage or just a relationship. To heal.

Okiki OyekanWhy would the church even accept this? What pressure are they putting on them?

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