clears the air
Eve Mungai clears the air
Image: Instagram

Following allegations that she used and dumped a GSU officer after becoming famous, YouTuber Eve Mungai has spoken out.

Mungai attempted to make it clear in a statement that she has never met the aforementioned officer and that his accusations are unfounded.

She added that she has been a victim of targeted online attacks in the recent past.

"Wild allegations have been made against me numerous times and I have been vindicated.

Interestingly, of late a video has circulated and it has suffered the same fate where I have been vindicated that it was purposes of clout chasing and gaining followers via Facebook and publications of unprintable lies by a person purported to be a police officer and is not,” Mungai said in part.

The YouTuber used the opportunity to school the masses on the dangers of publishing and amplifying fake news as stipulated in The Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act 218 under section 23.

“I have taken this opportunity as a duty to educate the public about the dangers of false publications and the consequences thereof," she added. 

Eve also confirmed that her advocate had reached out to the said culprit and he has accepted liability.

“I hope this shall not only be a learning experience but a warning at the same time that using others via unscrupulous ways to climb up the social economic ladder is not ideal but illegal too.

"The law does not have mercy and ignorance is not a defense,” read part of Mungai's post.

At the same time, the culprit put up another video admitting that he has never met Eve Mungai  despite lying to the public that they dated sometime back.

He said that he was using the YouTuber to chase clout – begging for her forgiveness.

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