Niacheni! Mungai Eve shouts at trolls pushing her to get pregnant

The content creator keeps on facing questions about when she will get a child

The couple have faced relentless pressure to get kids
Director Trevor with Mungai Eve The couple have faced relentless pressure to get kids
Image: Instagram

YouTuber Eve Mungai is sick and tired of the pressure that is placed on her and her boyfriend Director Trevor on when they will get a baby.

Mungai spoke about people who constantly push couples to have children without knowing their plans in a series of Instagram stories.

The YouTuber warned users not to ask her to have children, saying that she wouldn't let them tell her how to live her life.

“You all should stop telling us ooh, mpate watoto kama nani, kila mtu ako na plans za life and again being a woman doesn’t mean your purpose is only to get children. Kila mtu na place yake,” Eve remarked.

Trevor, on the other hand, chimed in and said that getting pregnant before you're ready can be the worst nightmare.

“If you are not ready to have children, getting pregnant can be your worst nightmare; because having a baby will change you forever. Similarly, it may be scary to get a glimpse of the supreme power if you are not yet ready for it because it will change you forever. You will lose yourself and a new you will emerge,” Director Trevor expounded.

Eve continued by narrating that she is tired of people asking her when she is pregnant.

“I am honestly tired of ooh mnatuoea motto lini. Ooh unashikla mimba lini. Lord who said we want kids right now? Manze mtu aishi maisha yake vile anataka. Nobody will ever help you to raise your kid. Ukishamleta hapa duniani,” Ms Mungai fired back.

Trevor added; “I just think it should happen when someone is ready for it. I think it is something that you have complete control over so why not choose. You know.”

The YouTuber added that they have their own plans and objectives to accomplish prior to starting a family.

“Some of us we have kind of lives we want our kids to live and until we feel we can afford it were are not getting kids ooh,” she added.

After their close friends Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru announced that they are expecting their first child together, pressure has been rising on the couple to start a family.

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