Inashikilia mimba! Eve Mungai barks at troll

Eve Mungai went head to head with netizens spewing hate on her boyfriend's birthday post

Mungai Eve posing
Image: Instagram

Being in the limelight 21-year-old Youtuber, Mungai Eve has learned the art of clapping back as well as the need to grow a thick skin.

Eve was recently criticized by a netizen who felt her choice of attire for her boyfriend's picnic party was just not it.

In a video of how the event went down, Eve is seen donning really high waist pants with lace side details, a black crop top, and a black puff jacket.


The netizen @brianthedon commented, "Trouser inafanya nini kwa tumbo? (Why are your trousers all the way up till your stomach)."

Eve clearly angered by the comment and well aware of the pregnancy rumours that have been doing rounds on social media had quite the reply for Brian.

She replied to the comment by saying, "Inashikilia mimba, (it is holding the pregnancy)"


You can see Eve's outfit in the video below:

Still on the birthday post, another user commented, " Great couple but I know men, he will definitely cheat and you will be hurt."

To which Eve brutally clapped back saying, " Definitely not with your mother."

Last week the content creator warned trolls that she will be going head to head with them without any reservations.

This is not the first time Eve has had to battle with trolls online. A month ago she got called out for apparently coat tailing celebrities for fame and relevance.

Mungai Eve, had an altercation with a some netizens after she posted a photo of her and Diamond's Ugandan baby mama Zari Hassan.

Following the post, a netizen left a comment suggesting that Kenyans such as Eve love begging for attention a lot. The said individual, @_slimmy_dee wrote: " Kenyans kujipendekeza @mungai_eve." 

       The YouTuber replied that she was working and insisted the individual was jealous even though jealousy can't pay bills, " Mimi niko job am securing the bag wewe wivu ikulipie bills."

Another netizen wrote, "But it is true unapenda kujipendekeza kwa macelebs it is not all about wivu."

 Eve was completely irked by the remark and responded to it writing, "Continue thinking I'm fan-girling/ begging for attention as you suffer in your bedsitter."

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