Guardian Angel calls out Netizens claiming he is a kept man

Guardian Angel asked the trolls why they were so bothered?

Esther Musila
Guardian Angel with his wife Esther Musila

Gospel musician Guardian Angel has loudly come out to shut down claims that his wife Esther Musila supports his lavish lifestyle during a recent radio interview.

The artist (who was accompanied by his wife for the interview) however went on to add that if the situation arises that he does need to depend on his wife he truly would not mind it before adding that their marital affairs should not be anyone’s business.

“If living like this is what people say is being kept ( financially dependent on another person)  then let me be kept forever, let me be kept.  


Because kama nimewekwa hata sifai kupost anything ya the lady I’m purported to be with? I have never said that she is my sugar mummy. Secondly, I have never lived in her house, it is her who came to my house." Guardian said.

He went on to add, "She has never paid any bills in my house, I am the one who caters for things. And if one feels I am a kept man then that is okay too

Before sarcastically adding,


"Either way ain't I the one being 'kept, why are you the one who is bothered?" 

His wife, on her part highlighted the fact keyboard warriors with nothing to do with their lives have always attacked them sometimes even coming up with false claims since the two got married.

“I wonder what people think and the thing is they do come with all sorts of weird things without even knowing the truth.

I always say those are idle people, so let them enjoy themselves since they have nothing to do. On the other hand, I'm enjoying my life."  Esther said.

The couple has been on the receiving end of a lot of cyberbullying and online hate since they started dating in late 2020 due to their significant age difference ( 20 years to be precise) 

With the biggest concern for most "twitter fingers" netizens being if Esther will be able to give Guardian any biological kids to consummate their marriage. 

Esther has been blessed with 3 kids from her previous relationship but Guardian has not sired any kids to date. 

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