Guardian Angel and Esther Musila
Guardian Angel and Esther Musila

Gospel singer Guardian Angel is happy that he didn't get a 16 million Kenyan shillings deal but instead fell in love with Esther Musila.

Speaking in a radio interview, the singer said;

"Maina Kageni and I were supposed to meet up for a lunch meeting regarding a Sh 16 million deal he was helping me chase. We did not get the deal but what God gave me... The deal conversations ended and I ended up falling in love. Looking back now I am happy I did not get the 16 million. I ended up getting something worth much more."

At a previous interview, Esther Musila said that radio personality Maina Kageni wa sthe one that brought them together

"I had never heard of Guardian Angel yet I love listening to music. In the morning I had a routine of opening to Classic 105 and I record myself singing so that day I heard a song and asked Maina what song that was and he told me it was rada by Guadian Angel."

"On my way to work, he played it again and the song stuck on my mind so when I got in the office I searched for his (Guardian Angel's) songs. I saw that I had even recorded his songs before but I never knew who sang them."

She then explained how they started talking.

"It was on a Monday so I told Maina Kageni I wanted to meet Guardian Angel, so Maina organized our meet-up for Friday.

I left my job before 2 so as to go meet them and when I met Guardian I was very excited. Maina had told me that Guardian is very polite just to prepare me mentally, so we started talking and I asked him to put the ‘Rada’ song as my skiza tune. That is how he got my number."

Guardian Angel and Esther Musila
Image: Guardian Angel and Esther Musila Guardian Angel and Esther Musila

The two started dating and became Instagram official after the media found out that they were dating.

In January this year, the couple walked down the aisle at a private wedding ceremony in Sue Gardens at River Drive in Muthaiga North.

Before the wedding, Guardian had hinted that he was going to marry Musila.

"Better one step in the right direction than a thousand steps in the wrong direction. You are one perfect step I made my love, thank God for the day I met you.#yourfavoritecouple #lovewins."