Why actress Joy Kawira regrets ever getting married

Actress Joy Kawira has opened up about her fear of leaving her ex with their kids

kawira jpoy on domestic violence with pastor husband
kawira jpoy on domestic violence with pastor husband

The journey of co parenting for Papa Shirandula actress Joy Kawira is not easy.

In an interview on Radio Jambo Wednesday October 5, Kawira alleged that her ex-pastor husband has never seen the kids.


"As much as he would want to see them, I must say until some things are clarified."

Kawira prefers his visitation rights be supervised.

"He can see them but not alone, I don't feel they will be safe alone with their father, like if there are police he can see them," she went on with her allegation.


Kawira has no immediate intentions to go back and date or marry again. She told Massawe Japanni that her horrible experience has put her off dating ever again.

"The thing that discouraged me that if someone in the pulpit can do such things, that is what discourages me because guys are actors out there, its just that they have no awards."

Her tumultuous marriage made Kawira rethink her future and her children's safety.  She made the decision to leave after repeated domestic violence.  

"Legally we are not divorced and am not in a hurry but its not like I am going back there, No."

Will she give another man a chance to love her?

"I'm done and dusted because I tried. I left for 8 months and went back, then after 11 months it got worse you see the children were growing, I had dreams of the perfect life, I had such grand plans hehe."

She has blamed it on societal pressure to stay in dangerous marriages.

"We met in church where he is an ordained Pastor, oh yes, and I couldn't tell anyone in the church. The few people I talked to told me mwanamke ni kuvumilia, and these are pastors, the ones I talked to."

They spoke to her about the image and the picture of a saved couple and how it should be.

Her advice about to those experiencing domestic violence?"kimbia if you are still breathing, leave."

Does she feel judged for leaving her marriage?

"Yes and no because so far so good. When I went public I didn't reveal too much like now, but it appears people know more than I know.

The people who know him know more than me. Those who grew up with him. There are some things that were hidden from me, things I can't publicly talk about, they are deep sana."

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