who has explained his situation after reports of being depressed went viral.
Actor Omosh who has explained his situation after reports of being depressed went viral.
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Kenyan actor Joseph Kinuthia stage name Omosh has come out to explain his situation after reports of being depressed went viral.

In update the former Tahidi High actor cautioned Kenyans not to fall for the viral reports with an affirmation that he is faring well with life.

“Hope guys you are good, I’m doing good too over here. But there is a trending story alleging that I am depressed. When you look at me, do I look like someone who is depressed? Bloggers, please stop chasing views with my name,” the actor said.

The actor went on to state that bloggers like revisiting his story with lots of negativity to get YouTube views and page views.

“It reaches a time that you guys just want to revisit my story to get views.

"Guys think of something you can come up with. You can easily tell someone who is depressed but I am not depressed. Or maybe someone saw me recently when I was a bit sad. You know there is a difference between being sad and depressed,"

He continued; “I have been sad for a couple of weeks after losing two of my close neighbors and friends. That was a double tragedy and it made me sad, just like any other person, if something like that befalls you will be sad, but it is not depression.

He added that maybe somebody looked at him and jumped to conclusion that he is depressed something that is not true.

The actor also sought to clarify that his family (two wives) has not left him as it had been reported earlier.

“Maybe somebody looked at me and said I’m depressed. That’s not true. You guys have gone to an extent of alleging that my family left me. I want to challenge you, just go to my place, if the family is not there, and then let me know. I know they are at home and doing okay,” Omosh explained.

He further stated that he has been actively entertaining his fans on TikTok and that those worried about his whereabouts should follow him on the platform.

“I want to appreciate all those who have called to check up on me after the story went viral. Those are real fans and friends who are concerned. If you want to know the real story you could have looked for me, we do an interview and I tell you how I’m doing and I will tell you the truth and people will know from there…instead of imagining your things. Those things you are wishing on me, I will use them to fuel my journey,”.

Omosh Kizangilla promised that he will be making a comeback in the acting scene very soon after missing in action for some time.

“Guys I promise you, God is there, I am coming back to your screen and you gonna watch me soon,” he promised.

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