#TheKissRoundUp: Vera reveals major surgery, Nameless confirms baby's gender, Maina reveals he smoked weed & other stories

This week had it all as far as entertainment news goes

The Kissroundup
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This week on our hot and entertaining segment #TheKissRoundUp we focus the spotlight on top stories making headlines in the Entertainment industry.

Those stories are below;

Nervous Nameless hints at baby's gender in the labour ward

Singer Nameless may have dropped a hint that baby number three has arrived.

In 2 consecutive videos posted on his Instagram page on Thursday and Friday, Nameless appears to be dealing with labour ward nerves.

In the clip, he uses a meme about Murife running away from the hospital ward and captions it as 'run murife'.

A second video also depicts his nervousness as he laughs about Murife being found resting on the roadside after running away from the labour ward.

He then used the very telling and highly suspect hashtag, 'babagirls'.

Could he be hinting at the gender of his third child before the official reveal the couple will ultimately make?

As we all know, Nameless and Wahu are already the proud parents of two girls; Nyakio and Tumiso.

Wahu has not commented and the last update on her social media were maternity pictures of the soon-to-be-parents.

Risper Faith throws shade at Vera after her big behind disappeared

Former Nairobi Diaries actress and  socialite Risper Faith us out here throwing shade at Vera Sidika after her body transformation. 

Faith used her socials to brag that she is the only remaining Kenya female celebrity with a real butt (No implants or lifting). 

The mother of one was trolling Vera Sidika who allegedly went through surgery to remove her implant after a health scare.

Risper Faith

She wrote on her Instagram stories;

"Apparently am the only one with a real a$$."

The former Nairobi Diaries actress Risper at some point after giving birth also had her liposuction surgery to remove excess fats on her waistline but not to add her behind.

"And yes I had liposuction to remove excess fat from my stomach after giving birth, i never had any surgery on my ass...its real lol, kindly stop dming me that am next lol.." she said. 

Vera had also claimed her big behind was all natural in the past.

A fan asked her how she feels carrying a huge behind and she said she had had it since she was a teenager but hinted she would work on reducing it since she felt it was too big.

"Feels normal. My booty is natural. But my boobs, teeth & skin complexion are fake. Hopefully, after delivery, I'd want a smaller booty. I'm told running on the treadmill helps. Honestly, it's too big. I don't like it."

Pastor Tee's interesting reaction to freemasonry documentary

Pastor Tee has commented on the viral documentary on freemasonry in Kenya that aired last night.

The charismatic man of God who is a voice among the young people and the nation at large, stated that it was a good thing that the society was publicly coming out to speak of their dealings.

"When I saw that I said it is good now," he began. "We are entering a space where people will know there is good and evil."

"Generations always say these things are not there, listen! These things are real," he echoed.

"That's why we cannot be quiet, men are serving their altars, the interview can do two things, one, release a demonic fear. Two, it can raise the consciousness of a generation to begin to pursue the living God." Pastor Tee opined.

Pastor T.
Image: Instagram

Freemasonry hasn't been an open book in Kenya, with people having 'maybes' and 'probably's' when they speak on the topic.

Lawyer Ambrose Rachier, a senior individual in the organization and also the chairman of Gor Mahia, got on record to say freemasonry is a member organization, and the main objective is charity work.

"It is a member's organization into which you are invited by private.... usually by someone who knows you very well, but our main objective is charity if you ask me, it is to do charitable activities to help humanity." Mr. Ambrose said.

'GSU cop' finally arrested after malicious Mungai Eve claims

Mwendo Mailu, a fake GSU Officer who lied that he had funded YouTuber Mungai Eve has finally been arrested.

He is being detained at Kileleshwa Police Station.

According to Mungai Eve's advocate, some businesses have threatened to stop working with Mungai as a result of the viral video.

"The video has serious untruth and defamatory statements. My client has made her brand through hard work and she feels whoever wants to jeopardize that must face the law.

Adding that; "The accused is facing charges of impersonating a police officer, defamation He has no record of the things he has accused my client of."

The advocate says despite offering an 'apology' the damage had already been done due to how viral the video became.

"We have confiscated his equipment they will undergo forensic tests as he awaits his appeal on Monday."

The fake officer is to be charged with defaming the YouTuber.

Eve had earlier confirmed that her advocate had reached out to Mailu and he has accepted liability.

Njugush narrates scary night of terror

Njugush fell victim to a well-schemed robbery in Nairobi CBD, as he narrates on his Instagram story.

This all began after the comedian spotted an elderly looking woman on his way home from work at around 12 am.

"So, niko tao after kutoka job at around 12 am... I'm headed home along University way. Mbele naona a middle aged woman limping, I slow down", he says.

Compelled to try and help the old lady, the TTNT show host rolled down his car window to inquire from the lady.

"She smells aokoho (alcohol) but I guess ni stress so I teremsha kioo kidogo. She says she has kids who've not eaten for days..." Njugush narrates.

The lady also claimed that she used to fend for herself, but because of an accident she had, she is forced to beg.

Furthermore, according to Njugush's account, the old lady insisted that she would much rather take solid food instead of money.

"She tells me ata hataki pesa kama nikona food niko nayo kwa gari nimpatie..." he tells us.

Convinced by her little story, he felt confident enough to open his car door for the elderly woman at her request; biting into her hook like she had wanted.

At that moment, two men emerged from the shadows and came into his car from the co-driver's side, one of the men brandished a knife. 

The lady then issued a threat to Njugush, claiming that if he did anything to garner attention she would falsely accuse the father of two of rape.

"Ukiitana nitapiga nduru niseme unataka kunirape...", threatened the woman.

With a knife pointed at him, the normally witty personality had no choice but to succumb to the demands of the thieves for the sake of his life.

4 things to remember while clubbing this long weekend

Kenyans get to enjoy a three day weekend holiday courtesy the October 10th public holiday that falls on a Monday. Nice right?.

So that means from today until Tuesday next week, you have four days to party.

If you are going clubbing there are simple things you should not do for the sake of partying.

1. Please pay your bill

Some club goers have a bad habit of disappearing before they pay their bill. They should stop it.

You need to know that our hardworking waiters and waitresses are deducted that money from their earnings. C'mon we can do better than this. If you intended to party, you must have money to pay for the drinks and food you eat.

Don't punish workers and leave them struggling financially because of your bad habit.

2. Have a designated driver

If you are not taking a cab to party, kindly have a sober friend to drive you around barhopping and to home.

According to statistics released by NTSA recently, 3541 people have died in crashes since January. Lives being lost by drivers increased by 3.18 pr cent.

Omosh-I have lost everything; my wife and everything is gone

Former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia alias Omosh has told Mpasho.co.ke that he is not doing well.

Speaking in a recent interview, Omosh described his current situation as depressing.

"I am just going through a lot, I don't know if it is depression or what is happening in my life," he said.

During the interview, Omosh said he was somewhere trying to figure out how he would get home after a friend invited him for a job and refused to pay him.

"Like right now, I am just wondering how I will get to my house in Kayole. I had been called for some jobs but it did not work, so I am stranded."

Omosh also hinted that he is no longer living with his family.

"I have lost everything in my life, my wife, and everything is gone," he said.

The last time the comedian appeared in the public was when he was being prayed for at Pastor Kanyari's church a few months ago.

The comedian who was gifted a three-bedroomed house said he had not moved to the place since his children are in school and there are no schools around.

The house - located in Malaa - was handed to Omosh in June 2021 after he came out claiming he was almost being evicted over rent arrears.

The comedian has been on the chopping board since another video of him asking Kenyans for help went viral.

'I smoked weed and stole my neighbours car,' Maina Kageni confesses to Kamene

Maina Kageni got candid with Kamene Goro in an exclusive interview about little known details of his life.

The interview goes down on Saturday October 8th on Kiss TV...In snippets heard by Kiss Fm, Maina tells Kamene about his life abroad.

"I smoked weed, broke into my neighbors car, drove to west end, parked on a double yellow line," he admitted.

And that wasn't all, he also confessed to being able to drink a whole bottle of whisky by himself!

"I would take one boti of Brandy bottoms up," he told a fascinated Kamene.

Maina lived in the UK, where he had gone to study, but never did. He never studied and back in June this year boldly declared in a Mpasho interview that he had no degree.

Diamond Platnumz's flirty message leaked by Ugandan singer

A lot of jokes are normally made about Bongo singer Diamond Platnumz's goal to date women from all over Eastern Africa.

It all stemmed from the fact that he has dated women from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. All that is left for him to do is to conquer Burundi, Somalia and other countries.

A singer from Uganda - Spice Diana - who was warned by Zari Hassan about Diamonds flirty ways has leaked a flirty text message on her Instagram page claiming it was between the two of them.

Her heartfelt caption read,

"A real king in and out . You are an amazing super star, big icon and a big inspiration. So humble and welcoming. Happy birthday king."

The Ugandan posted a flirty message claiming it was from Chibu
Spice Diana with Diamond Platnumz. The Ugandan posted a flirty message claiming it was from Chibu

Zari had warned her that she will be eaten by Diamond and perhaps end up pregnant. 

Spice Diana leaked part of their conversation where Diamond lavishes praise on the woman's name with suggestive emoji's.

Diamond appears starstruck by her name Spice as illustrated below.

Kamene finally comes clean on rumour she got married

Kiss Fm's Kamene Goro has set the record straight on allegations that she got married secretly.

Speaking on the Morning Kiss after resuming work, Kamene said that a wedding may be in the works for next year.

"When this story got to me I think mid last week, 'I asked I got married? Ama is there something that I missed out?'"

Kamene pondered for a while then added;

"It's good news, I mean it's fantastic news, I mean I just want to set the record straight."

Kamene was away from studio last week, and showed off her wonderful life of wedded bliss in Diani.

She was with her bae Deejay Bonez 254, who also on Friday September 30th, told Kenyans to mind their business after they trended online.

He defended his marriage to Kamene telling off trolls.

She has informed fans on Monday 27th September, that she had done something, that later turned out to be wedding rings.

"So something happened last night" Kamene captioned a selfie of a yellow diamond ring.

The wedding bands were exquisite as she showed off their hands with Deejay Bonez, her new man.

"Guys I am not married just yet however I think give or take, maybe next year I will be married"

Why Gachagua wants to meet the lady who nicknamed him 'Riggy G'

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has expressed the willingness to meet Ivy Chelimo, the university student who nicknamed him Riggy G.

Appearing on Citizen TV, Gachagua said he is ready to host Chelimo for dinner and he has instructed his son to reach out to her.

"The young lady who decided that Rigathi Gachagua is a little bit difficult and not melodious, we need to give him the name Riggy G. To encourage our young people, I took up the name. I have told my sons to look for that girl to come we have dinner,” Gachagua said.

He added that he is more than ready to support the young Chelimo accomplish her dreams.

 “I want to encourage that young girl, I will see what I will do for her so that I can see from my salary, I can boost her a little bit so that she can be able to do something," the DP promised.

The name first popped on Twitter during the Deputy Presidential debate in July and went viral weeks later on the platform.

The creator of the viral name “Riggy G”, Ivy Chelimo says she came up with the name by chance.