Pastor Tee's interesting reaction to freemasonry documentary

Freemasonry is a topic mired in conjecture and speculation in Kenya

'It is good now,' Pastor Tee reacts to the freemasonry documentary
Pastor Tee 'It is good now,' Pastor Tee reacts to the freemasonry documentary
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Pastor Tee has commented on the viral documentary on freemasonry in Kenya that aired last night.

The charismatic man of God who is a voice among the young people and the nation at large, stated that it was a good thing that the society was publicly coming out to speak of their dealings.

"When I saw that I said it is good now," he began. "We are entering a space where people will know there is good and evil."


"Generations always say these things are not there, listen! These things are real," he echoed.

"That's why we cannot be quiet, men are serving their altars, the interview can do two things, one, release a demonic fear. Two, it can raise the consciousness of a generation to begin to pursue the living God." Pastor Tee opined.

Freemasonry hasn't been an open book in Kenya, with people having 'maybes' and 'probably's' when they speak on the topic.

Lawyer Ambrose Rachier, a senior individual in the organization and also the chairman of Gor Mahia, got on record to say freemasonry is a member organization, and the main objective is charity work.

"It is a member's organization into which you are invited by private.... usually by someone who knows you very well, but our main objective is charity if you ask me, it is to do charitable activities to help humanity." Mr. Ambrose said.

Responding to claims that freemasonry was a satanic entity, he dismissed it and noted that the first thing one finds in the masonry hall is a citation from King Solomon speaking to the Lord.

"I shall build you a house and you shall establish your throne forever," he quoted. Adding to it, he said the belief came from a point of ignorance.

The Gor Mahia chairman stated that to be part of the enterprise, an individual has to be a good man and charitable.

Then a member would have a little talk with the interested party, and afterward, he would be called for an interview.

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