speaks on break up with Vivian
Sam West speaks on break up with Vivian
Image: Sam West

Comedian and motivational speaker Sam West has confirmed he parted ways with his singer wife Vivian.

In a witty social media post Sam hinted that had he stayed in the relationship longer, he might have ended up dead due to stress.

"I don't blame Murife, sometimes a man has to run or flee like Joseph. Otherwise he will die."

Vivian had earlier taken to her socials to ask for her fans to pray for her as she is going through a tough time.

Sam West's post on break up

"I am not well. I have been getting support but sometimes I crash. My heart is so heavy . Someone left us and now hates us. I've been trying to rebuild but I've been wondering why. Please pray for me because I'm still a mother."

The couple had been together for years after Sam West proposed to Vivian during a live TV show.

They were admired by many because of their blended family. Sam west had a son from a previous union while Vivian had a daughter.

Vivian has raised some concerns months ago after saying that she is struggling with undisclosed issues.

Vivian on her stories captioned a worrying note below

"This week has been very tough. Actually, the last six months but this week has summed it up. I feel like many things are not working and I can’t do tough love anymore. I’m extremely hurt and broken and I’m not sure what this is doing to my brain."

Vivian added, "I’ve been working so hard I hope I get some good news soon. May the universe provide me enough grace and care to love myself unconditionally."

Do you believe the couple has broken up ama ni clout?

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