'We're not good,' Vivian on relationship with Sam West

Vivian highlighted that they were both working on themselves

confirms breakup with husband
Musician Vivian confirms breakup with husband

Kenyan songstress Vivian has taken to her socials to ask her fans to offer prayers for her as she is not doing well.

'We're not good,' Vivian on her relationship with Sam West

The reason is her split with husband cum manager Sam West is taking a toll on her.

For months there have been rumours that her relationship with Sam West was on the rocks and the two have parted ways.

Well, now the ' Secret Lover' hitmaker has come out to confirm that the two are not okay.

"My heart is so heavy, someone left us and now hates us. I have been trying to rebuild but I've been wondering why," she wrote in part.

In an interview with 2Mbili she went on to add that she couldn't get into details but they were both trying to figure things out.

"So right now he is doing his thing, he is just figuring himself out and myself as well I don't think... you know everyone is currently busy," Vivian said emotionally.

Two months ago Vivian had rubbished rumours that the two were not okay.

Taking to her Instagram page, Vivian posted a photo of a smiling Sam West highlighting how important Mr. West is in her life as she recounted their journey together. 

"Sina story mob. ( I don't have a lot of stories) simply speaking more blessings over Mr. West who is very dear to me and who I’m so blessed to know. 

"We’ve walked together in great and not-so-great seasons but God’s love continues to sustain both of us 😊🙏," her post read.

She finished off by adding, " Msalimieni sana."  clearly throwing shots at online netizens who assume they know everything and like meddling in people's lives. 

According to our sources, the couple parted ways early this year over irreconcilable differences. Vivian has tried begging to be taken back but her now ex-bae is having none of that.

Vivian was proposed to during a live TV session.

Speaking about it in a past interview she narrated

"I felt like dying (laughing), I really felt like it wasn't real. I'm very conservative and I like doing things in my corner, where no one can come and spoil my vibe. It wasn't something I really loved but it happened and it was cool eventually."

She added:

"We are different and I have to respect how he feels he wants to express himself. It was very interesting and I got engaged on live TV."

She went on to describe how happy she was to finally get engaged to the man of her dreams.

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