Singer Akothee has explained why she will not attend her sister's wedding.
Cebbie Koks and Akothee. Singer Akothee has explained why she will not attend her sister's wedding.

Self-proclaimed President of single mothers Akothee is explaining why she will not attend her younger sister Cebbie Kok’s wedding scheduled for December 2022.

The singer disclosed that she has not been on good terms with her younger sister for the past year.

We are having another event in December which I am very happy about.

"The only thing is I was not going to attend that wedding because me and my younger sister I have not been on good terms for almost a year now. (Maybe you didn’t know) I packed my bags and left this relationship on 31ST December.

 The singer also warned against dragging her sister on her wall, saying they should support her from her pages. 

“It is not good, it’s not fair. When she is doing good support her on her wall, please. I haven’t said she is evil. I battled depression for almost 6 months and I almost lost it so I don’t want to see myself in that situation again,”.

The Abebo hitmaker hinted that she has postponed her much-hyped wedding to 2023, due to family wrangles. 

“Sorry guys for putting you through this…if I was my mother I would be so happy that I have one wedding this December and another one next year,”

Elseba Kokeyo well known as Cebbie Koks is set to wed lawyer Steve Ogolla in December 2022. The two have been dating in secret for a while now.

Earlier, Akothee had mentioned that siblings do not compete but uplift each other.

"No elder sibling can support the younger ones and start competing with them, how can you compete with your project? , it's like you are competing against yourself.

'There is nothing like sibling rivalry if you are not arguing over family inheritance. callout jealousy," she noted

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