Akothee reveals her mzungu's Luo name and its meaning

Akothee said she decided to give her man a traditional name as she saw it befitting

The mom of 5 has given him a Luo name
Akothee with her new mzungu bae. The mom of 5 has given him a Luo name
Image: Instagram

Entrepreneur and artist Esther Akothe aka Akothee will not let us breathe with her new relationship.

I've never met someone so okay with having her life under the public eye this much. Save for the Kardashians.

Well, the mother of 5 has come out to let us know that she has baptized her Mzungu (White) lover with a traditional African name because she felt it befitting.

 She shared their photo taking a walk on a huge piece of land with the artist and shared that she was excited to share the vast land with her soon-to-be hubby as she praised him.

" Yes honey it's all ours, we also own the river bado wewe uweke fish pond and we triple the wealth period" part of Akothee's post read.

She then went on to reveal her mans Luo name and how she came up with it. 

"Good morning Kings and Queens... See why Mr. Omondi Sch. Stole my heart.

 He is up by 5.00 am, aaah this God πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺand that's why I gave him the name OMONDI,"  Wrote Akothee indicating that Omondi is an early riser and a man who trolls. 

She went on in a different post to muse over their love and how she thought she had done it all before meeting him. 

"Honey you know you have found me when I am done with life hustles, I have done it all in my life and very responsibly... the only thing I had not done in my life was meet you & loving you.

"Now from the time I met you, I have given you my all, honey what you see is what you get, my love for you grows every day, I have no eyes or time for any man because my eyes are busy admiring you. 

Adding; "I love you, admire you my twin, every time we are just the two of us I always think I'm dreaming.

"It has not hit me yet that you are mine. My MR OMONDI love you Deno," Finished off the love-struck entrepreneur. 

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