Akothee afraid to introduce mzungu bae to her mom

My mom doesn't acknowledge your boyfriend, she will ignore you and not even shake hands - Akothee

Kenyan artist Akothee with her mzungu boyfriend.

Entrepreneur and musician Esther Akoth aka Akothee is intent on marrying her new bae but one thing seems to be standing in the way of that, her mother.

Taking to her Instagram page, the mother of five lamented on how she has always struggled to introduce any man in her life to her (mother) ever since her divorce.

She also took the time to praise her uncle who has always been there for her and helped her break news she couldn't to her mother.

"There is your uncle, and then there is My Uncle Uncle Mark.

There is family, then blood, then there is friendship. My Uncle loves me, just the way I am, he will be the first one I tell my secrets and send him to go tell his mad sister Hon Kokeyo that I have met someone." Part of Akothee's post read.

She then went on to rant about how her mom was a no-nonsense woman who wasn't super approachable especially when it comes to relationships.

Akothee highlighted that her mom did not care about wealth to her marriages are a sealed deal.

"My mum is not an approachable woman, even if you introduce her to a billionaire, as long as you were once married 🙄

"My mum has issues especially with things to do with relationships, she doesn't encourage anyone to move from one to the other.

"I have always found it very difficult to introduce a suiter to her 🤦"

Akothee added that out of all the people she has dated she has only introduced two to her mom and she was looking forward to making her current bae the third one.

"I have only introduced 2 men officially to my mom. That's my first marriage, and Wuon Oyoo.

"This will be the 3rd one. And it's a struggle. My mom doesn't acknowledge your boyfriend, she will ignore you and not even shake hands.

That girl can pull a first one. Mwambieni alegeze kamba hii bale Iko tu sawa." Finished off the mother of 5.

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