Kenyans react as Willy Paul makes his expensive rate card public

Musician Willy Paul has made his updated Rate Card public and it’s into millions.

Pozze has joined the growing list of musicians who have so far made their rate cards public as they strive to attract more gigs on their side.

Willy Paul shares his updated Rate Card and its in millions (Photo)

According to the musician, it will cost you sh200, 000 to have a post on Willy’s Insta-stories and at the same time Sh500, 000 to advertise on his Instagram page.

The star says he charges Sh300, 000 for club appearances and Sh500, 000 for Club performances.

If you want Willy Paul to endorse your products or services, then you will have to part with 30 million but this one is negotiable.

Willy Paul's Rate Card

Pozze further stated that he charges a whooping Sh1.5 million for outdoor events.

Club appearances (Without performing) - Sh 300, 000

Club appearances within Nairobi - Sh 600, 000

Post on Instagram Stories - Sh 200, 000

Post on Instagram feed - Sh500, 000

Brand Endorsement - Sh 30 million

The main event (Outdoor) - Sh1.5 million

Rate Card

A rate card is also commonly referred to as a rate sheet and is a standard document that lists all of the services an influencer provides. This includes price per post, what platforms you use, the brands you are willing to work with, and any necessary contact information.

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ogaobinna Without doing anything.😂😂😂😂😂

shamsisomc With this economy it's better to listen your songs when muted😂

fey_254 🙄🙄🙄kujeni niwapostie Kwa stories for free

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kikuyu_og._ 😂😂😂😂kila mtu atafute Rate card yake sasa wacha mm niwaandikie yangu

hon.ezrabundiobongo👏👏👏👏thats the way hapo kwa performance ndio umeeka kidogo 2M ingefanya poa ju kawaida ya promoters wa Kenya lazima wa bargain ndio sasa mfike 1.5M

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