Kenyan socialite Shakila has been called out for doctoring her mpesa message
Image: Instagram

Kenyan socialite and influencer Shakila took to her socials to flaunt her M-pesa balance which read Sh285,675 after she had seemingly received Sh237K from an unidentified sender.

Posting the screenshot she captioned "Otilo!!!" accompanied by a love heart emoji and rocket ships.

On top of the screenshot was another M-pesa text where she had received Sh25, 000 from a guy identified as Olamide Babatunle which then pushed her balance to Sh48, 675.

Netizen sleuths were however quick to note some discrepancies with her text messages resulting in them believing that she had doctored the text.

According to keen netizens they noted that on the confirmation text of the 237 thousand shillings transaction the M-PESA had a small "a" unlike the 48 thousand one showing that the text was edited.

It did not stop there.



Another netizen pointed out that QH was the confirmation code for August and not November so another indication that the text is fake. A second point was that the earlier text had the confirmation code QK but the one that comes after it reads QH.

Following a deep dive, I realized that netizens were actually telling the truth.

M-pesa's confirmation code for August was QH while for September was QI and so on with the months following the alphabet. On top of it, people noticed that on one text the time format was written in 12 hours while the second one was written in 24 hours format.

Below are a few comments from netizens calling out the socialite:

a.m_ma.x.w.e.l: Does mpesa give 12hr clock (6.36)pm and then later 24hr clock (20.27) pm . How comes the transaction code is QKL the changes to QHC Even how mpesa over 150,000 accepts in a single transaction is open for debate clout chasing

baby__ras:1. QH ni Mpesa code ya Aug not Nov. The second text is fake.2. The 2nd text again, what is ‘M-PESa’, Shakilla?😂

venahmoh: Just here to say QH…. Was the mpesa code for August. November tuko QK. Also doesn’t mpesa have a limit ama ni mpesa yangu tu iko na utiaji? 😂

akapella_kabaya: Apo kwa new balance .... MPESa ... A iko in small letters why???

kaytone_photography__kenya: Am really not sure but I think the maximum Mpesa transaction is 150k so I wonder how she received over 200k anyway siwezijua 😂😂

sammyboy_kenya: A single transaction more than 150k to mpesa hahaha, let me mind my business😂😂..

megakicks_footwear_apparel: M-PESA Message gani hukuja capital & small letters mixed. Plus this month cide za M-PESA zinaanza na QKM. Hio message imefanyiwa ukarabati na Adobe Creative Cloud photo shop

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