Mammito opens up on dating
Mammito. Mammito opens up on dating
Image: Instagram

Comedian Mammito recently said she was single asking potential partners to hit her DM just in case they are looking for someone to date.

Well, the comedian has since explained the type of man she wants to date and why.

In an interview with TV 47, Mammito said she loves short men although they have to be clean-hearted.

She explained that the reason she like short men is that they are humble.

"Even when they argue, they look at you and say, you are sorry."

On the same note, Mammito said the man would only qualify if they have a deep voice.

"If I can't hear you since your voice is so deep, then you are the man for me," she said.

Mammito opens up on dating
Mammito. Mammito opens up on dating
Image: Instagram

She added that she watches the news since most male news anchors have deep voices.

"When dancing with a short man, they make you exercise since you have to keep going down for them."

The comedian confirmed that she parted ways with comedian Eddie Butita a year ago.

In an interview with Mungai Eve, the comedian said they both agreed that it was best for them to go their separate ways.

"We broke up like a year ago. It's been a long time. We both decided that it was best to go separate," she said.

Asked if she would ever work with her ex-lover, Mammito said there is room since Butita is talented.

"We can definitely work together. He is really talented and I respect that. The industry is small and we might work together in the future," she said.

The two comedians had initially refused to speak on their relationship until recently.

They both are promoting their upcoming shows.