Bensoul shares lessons learnt from grandma who died aged 103

He says he is not sad rather he is happy she died a peaceful death

Sol generation's Bensoul
Image: Brian Simiyu

Sol Generation musician, Bensoul, has shared the emotional message he learnt from his late grandmother.

His grandmother passed on at the age of 103 years.

In an interview with Mpasho host, Kalondu Musyimi, Bensoul put across that he remembers his grandmother specifically for the answer she gave him over a question he curiously asked her.

Bensoul was curious to know what kept his grandmother happy despite her inability to do much due to her old age.

He revealed her response was live life to the fullest, and that he borrowed that lesson from her life.

He adds that his grandmother loved good vibes and she had much fun while she was still young and when she remembers how her life was then, it grants her happiness.

The medicine hitmaker had lots of positive remarks about his grandmother.

Bensoul's grandmother cultivated a prayerful culture among the family members.

It was the norm that every morning when you woke up, you should pray for your family, and the habit extended to the rest of them all.

Before Bensoul's grandmother left the face of the earth to go meet her maker, she left behind lots of blessings for him.

According to cultural practices in Kenya, it is known that when an old person, especially those of blood relations spits on your chest it is a sign of blessings.

"Alinitemea mate mara mingi kwa kifua. nimebarikiwa vibaya sana yaani. 100%"

He added that in old age, especially at that point where one cannot do anything for themselves, human beings tend to feel like one is a burden, but his grandmother was not a burden to him.

He is not sad about his loss, instead, he is happy that she was laid to rest peacefully.

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