Melina Gold designs a 86K outfit for Obinna

The outfit comes a week after Melina slammed Obinna asking if he could afford her services

Melina has slammed Oga Obinna for mocking an outfit she created for Eric Omondi.
Fashion designer Melina Gold Melina has slammed Oga Obinna for mocking an outfit she created for Eric Omondi.
Image: Instagram

A week after fashion designer Melina Gold trolled Kiss FM presenter Oga Obinna claiming that his pockets could not afford her rates, the presenter reached out to her.

Obinna together with his co-host Kamene Goro showed up to work today dressed in Melina Gold outfits from head to toe.

And get this, the fashion designer claims the presenter invested 700$ which is approximately Sh.86,000.

Melina shared a video on her Instagram page of her and her team styling the hosts and captioned it, "Dressing Kamene and Obinna for their morning show at Kiss." 

She also took to her insta stories to commend Obinna for reaching out to her.

"I'm glad Oga Obinna reached out and invested 700$ for his first look. It is not a bad start... " wrote Melina.

She then added, "I see you all ladies drooling over his chest," adding a blushing face emoji.

It's not clear if the 86K is for just Obinna's outfit or both his and Kamene's because Melina conveniently left that out.

Obinna shared pictures of his fit and Kamene's and captioned it, 'This week is all about royalty.... design by Melina Gold, she did the thaang!!!" 

As he added fire emoji's.

Last week Oga Obinna turned up to work with a red outfit that was similar to the one which Eric wore a few months ago designed by Melina.

He captioned the post:

"Haiya na iwake!!! This week we celebrate Kenyan public figures. 

Today it's El Presidente aka play 75% KE kesho tupige ya nani? Dressed by Melina Bold," accompanied by a laughing emoji.

Melina didn't take lightly to this and shared a post blasting Obinna.

In her rant, the fashion designer asked the radio presenter to respect her brand and keep it off his antics.

"Oga Obinna please have some respect!!! 

There is only one Melina, she's Gold and she is bold and I will not let you make a mockery of my brand!!!" Ranted Melina.

She went on to add,

"When I started dressing Eric Omondi were you not all laughing at him why do you want to dress like him now?"

Melina took shots at the father of 4 asking if his pockets could even afford to get a Melina Gold outfit.

"Also can you afford it? In fact, I need to gift you a Melina Gold outfit for your show you stop wearing the drama you are in right now in making fun.

You will understand fashion is luxury. So far Eric ndio ana afford!"

But it now seems the two have made peace.

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