The Click Click Bang

Celebrated Kenyan actor and scriptwriter Abel Mutua has revealed the amount of money they have made through their movie ‘Click Click Bang’.

In an interview with Kiss 100’s Dennis Milimo, Mutua disclosed that so far they have made almost Sh9 million.

He further divulged that the expenses put into the making and distribution of the said movie amount to Sh7 million.

This means Mutua and the PhilIt Production have made a profit of almost Sh2 million from the movie.

“From pre-production to marketing, we've used seven million. The returns are almost hitting million so it was successful. We really appreciate it because most film projects don't make a profit. Most people look for funding abroad to make movies,” Abel Mutua said.

He further stated that he is happy that the investment injected in Click Click Bang has yielded fruits.

According to Abel, they will be releasing a movie every year as PhilIt Production – a company he co-owners with Director Philip Karanja.

“We promised in 2020 that the day be will venture into the film industry fully we will be giving our fans a movie every year. So next year we have another one,".

On what he'd love to see done differently come 2023 the father of one said, "Producers have this thing where they create films then call their

fellow producers to come to watch. It shouldn't be like that, cinema ni ya wananchi tukifanya cinema tuite wananchi.

Not calling producers/filmmakers then we go and putting the films on the shelf is wrong. We should leave that in 2022."

Abel also encouraged filmmakers to learn to set aside a good amount of money for sales and marketing to be able to push their films and create a culture in the industry.

Click Click Bang won five awards at the 2022 Kalasha Awards.