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Former Kiss 100Phelix Odiwuor alias Jalang'o, MP Lang'ata, is opposing the establishment of the office of the opposition.

Jalang'o in an interview on Friday said the current regime is trying to bring back things proposed in BBI through the back door.

"These guys are just bringing back BBI in disguise. These are the same things that were in BBI like the position of the Prime Cabinet Secretary," he said.

Jalang'o said if the office is created, it will be a way to tame opposition leader Raila Odinga and he is not for the idea.

"The position of the official opposition, the creation of this office, it's just not what you wake up and say you will create," the MP said.

"You come to Parliament and knowing their numbers and how they have whipped the Kenya Kwanza team, it will come to pass if its something that they want and it will also be used to try and tame Baba." 

He, however, said they will not have a choice if it comes to pass but to go with what the Constitution says and Raila will occupy the office.

"I don't support it, I believe in the street, creating an office and now there is a salary, they will tame Raila and I'm not for that. I believe the streets, are louder than any official office. The streets advocated for the Constitution we have," the MP said.

During a Kenya Kwanza Parliamentary Group meeting, Ruto asked MPs to rally behind the proposal which would make the minority side more effective in keeping the government in check.

Ruto has always insisted on having an effective opposition to keep his government in check, while at the same time ruling out any possibilities of a handshake like it was with the previous regime.

The Azimio coalition is also expected to table its proposals on the creation of the office.