Harmonize and Frida Kajala

Bongo movie actress Frida Kajala has raised eyebrows after putting up a cryptic message that seems to signal her break up with fiancé Harmonize.

On Thursday night, Kajala put up a cryptic message, confessing how she failed her family and friends by taking back her Ex.

She, however, mentioned that that she has learned her lessons and would never repeat such a mistake.

At the same time, Kajala has pulled down all the photos she ever took with her Harmonize. She has also edited her socials to remove the tags that used to indicate that she is Harmonize’s manager.

The two have also unfollowed each other on Instagram an act that has further fueled their breakup reports.

“Mimi kama mwanamke na binadamu nimeumbwa kupenda na kusamehe pia,ila kwenye hili nastahili kuchekwa, nastahili kubezwa na kudharauliwa pia😌.

"Sipo hapa kujitetea wala kutia huruma ni kweli nilifanya makosa na nimeyagundua makosa yangu, mimi siyo mkamilifu. Hakika nimekosea familia yangu, ndugu zangu, na marafiki zangu. Kutenda kosa si kosa, kosa kurudia kosa. I forgive my X and I’m ready for the next.

 #Nimekoma# Temporary post,” Kajala shared.\

The post has attracted over 6K comments and 49K likes. Kajala and Konde Boy have not been spotted together for some time.

Kajala and Harmonize’s relationship lasted for only two months in 2021 before Kajala dumped him on grounds that he was also seducing her daughter Paula Kajala.

The singer moved on with an Australian girlfriend Briana Jai, but their relationship also ended in March 2022 after 6 months.

 Explaining the reason that led to their breakup, Konde Boy made it clear that he can’t handle a long-distance relationship and by that virtue, he had to set Briana free.

He later reconciled with Kajala after buying two Ranger Rovers and putting her up on a huge billboard as a way of saying sorry.

The two recently got tattoos of the name initials. However, their relationship has raised eyebrows among their fans.

Have the two officially broken up or its just Clout chase? Only time will tell. 

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