Kiss 100’s morning show presenters Oga Obinna and Kamene Goro, have been a highlight of the week with their themed outfits which have got massive engagement on social media.

Particularly this week.

Here are the outfits;


On this particular week the two were styled by Kenyan designer Melina Gold.

Melina gold who made the two look like Egyptian royalty; King Ramses (ix) and his queen Cleopatra on the theme Egyptian royalty.

He studio was colorful in gold and white colors.


On Tuesday morning, the studio shone with 'Nigerian royalty vibes'.

With The theme Nigerian royalty, Oga was literally 'the Oga' and Kamene was the queen.

See hem dancing in studio below;


On this day the designer of the day decided to light up the studio with Bollywood vibes .

The ‘Indians’ in the room looked spectacular with Kamene dressed in a long floral salwar Kameez ‘dress’ and dupatta ‘scarf’ is called in Bollywood attire.

Obina looked like a typical Indian man from the India turban ‘pagri’ to he full ware called 'Sherwani'.


Unfortunately on this day, the assigned designer missed on delivering the fit of the day.

'Hey guys , leo stylist alifanya ile kitu 😂😂😂Lakini @kamenegoroand @ogaobinna were to represent the king and queen of Zamunda 🤴🏿👸🏽👑' readcaption


The duo ushered in the weekend with yet another ‘classic’ theme, ‘colonizers’.

Yes, they dressed up as Queen Elizabeth and his king with KAMENE SLAYING IN the queenly white gloves, a navy blue skirt toped with a white and navy blue stripped blouse, also to complete the ‘queen’s look they added the a navy blue Toque.

Obinna ‘the king’ was dressed in navy blue mantle.

The two have been putting on different outfits for their morning show together .

His whole theme was began by Obinna who took a lot of backlash for extremely dressing up.

On one occasion, he dressed up as a street boy and people took offence

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