Kenyan celebs who became famous before 20

Most of the celebs who became stars are content creators

Carrie Wahu.
Image: Instagram

In Kenya, you may wake up one day and find yourself the trending topic, whether positively or negatively and boom, you become a celebrity.

How you go about that is entirely up to you. You may decide to stay and enjoy the social limelight or fade off depending on your consistency.

Long story short, here are some of the celebrities who made it to the social limelight by the age of 20:


1. Azziad Nasenya

Azziad Nasenya blew up in April 2020 after showcasing her dancing skills on Tiktok and earned the title East Africa Tiktok Queen.

excited as she graduates from KIMC
Azziad Nasenya excited as she graduates from KIMC

She impressed many after a video of her dancing the song Utawezana by Mejja and Fena Gitu went viral.

At the time, Azziad was exactly 20 years old

2. Foi Wambui

Popular actress Foi Wambui rose to fame at the age a very tender age.

She dropped out of law school to follow her dream of acting and that is when The social limelight fell on her.

The 25 year old began winning acting awards from the age of 16.

3. Maxine Wabosha

Maxine Wabosha is one of the first founding Kenyan Youtubers.

She would upload videos of her makeup routines and tutorials and she would leave her fans stunned with her beauty.

4. Mungai eve

Mungai eve blew up after opening up a youtube channel and featuring interviews with top celebrities in the country.

At the time, she was 20 years old.

The YouTube content creator will not let anyone defame her with malice
Mungai Eve. The YouTube content creator will not let anyone defame her with malice
Image: Instagram

She clearly impressed Kenyans with her persistence and hard work since she could post up to for videos in a day.

The Kenyan Youtuber and Journalist went an extra mile of covering events and untold stories of struggling Kenyans and this made her go viral real quick since many could relate to them.

Mungai Eve is currently a major source of information in the Kenyan media industry

5. Nikita Kering

The famous "ex" hitmaker came into the social limelight before the age of 15.

In 2012, during an album launch by Emmy Kosgey, she sang to a huge audience, and was critically acclaimed for her performance.

Afterward, she signed a record deal with EmPawa Africa and was selected to undergo an international training and mentoring program.

Nikita became a finalist during the contest, but was deemed too young to compete at the highest stage.

Despite that, she did not give up on her dream and as of now, she is an award-winning musician who is internationally recognized.

Trio Mio

Became famous after his 2019 hit song 'Cheza Kama Wewe', which he released at the tender age of 17 years old.

Most Kenyans were surprised that the precocious and gifted teenager was still in High School.

The rapper is finishing High School this month, let's see what he does musically without the obligations that come with the books.

Carrie Wahu

The stunning and very private brand influencer has taken the internet by storm this year, with every product she touches trending online.

Just to show how Carrie has the Midas touch with fellow Kenyans, the chocolate beauty caused a ruckus on Twitter after her advert for My Dawa went viral.

That she will go far as a brand influencer isn't in doubt. How far and how big she will become is the debate?