Details of Azziad Nasenya's trip to Paris, France

The social media influencer making big moves, securing deals on a daily basis

Azziad Nasenya in Paris, France

Award-winning TikToker and influencer Azziad Nasenya have been camping in Paris, France for the past week or so.

The actress has been documenting her stay in France with exquisite photos - taken in the beautiful city of Paris.

In one of the posts, the TikToker expressed her excitement after meeting the global brand president of one of the skincare companies she is working with.

Below are some comments made by her fans:

simply.sheenMay God bless Azziad and add much opportunities to her

biancahflouricYou look together 😂😂

fnk_legitAs a Kenyan lady, we trust you to represent us well all round .keep winning !

Azziad had revealed she had battled with acne for 7 years.

After getting into the skin care routine, her skin is popping and smooth no one could tell she had a 7 year acne battle

Her acne grew worse when she was in form two

The content creator has finally opened up on how she dealt with her acne
Azziad Nasenya. The content creator has finally opened up on how she dealt with her acne
Image: Instagram

Just like any other high school girl, she was down for any idea that got proposed, whether Aloe Vera or toothpaste, she was inflowing with the notion, if you don't try it, how would you know?

In 2020, she went from one dermatologist to the next but all in vain. Her skin would cooperate for a while then back to the acne drawing board.

Then there was a ray of hope in 2022 after rounds and rounds of monthly facials.

She discovered that acne was genetic and that it was also contributed by large protein intake.

Azziad noted that most brands have chosen to work with her due to the aspect of the acne battle.

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